horse manager 2014

horse manager 2014


iPad 2 or higher

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JP Games Factory presents Horse Manager in 2014 !!

A manager game with theme Riding.

Take control and management of a racing stables .

Train your horses and take part in races to earn money.

Raise your Colt and have it become a champion at the highest level .

HD Retina Graphics

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Main Features :

- Generation of Random Characteristics of Horses

- Generation of Random Characteristics of Jockeys

- Generation of Random Characteristics of Foals

- Motor Racing Accurate and based on the real capabilities of the participants and conditions ( Horses and Jockeys )

- Horse and Jockey Training

- Life Cycle of the Horse (from Foal to End Career )

- Life Cycle Jockey (from boy to End Career )

- Run and rears up to two horses at the same time

- Every Horse needs of Jockey

- Turn your horse at the end of a career in Old Glory and use it for the pair , to get some good Foals

- Market Horses, Jockeys and Foals

- The Foals will reach 6 months of age to begin to train or compete

- Riding School

- Management and Purchase foods Barn

- Expand your Riding Building New Structures :

  - Second Field Training ( according to train your horse)

  - Foal Stable (to be able to raise a foal )

  - Old Glory Stable ( to be able to turn a horse in Old Glory )

  - Jockey Hall ( The jockey who hall is assigned will get bonus provision )

- Betting and BookMaker

- Racing Standard

- Cups

- Generation of Random Races and participants

- Generating Random Winners' Cup and the participants

- Statistic of the Game


Enter the world of horses, Win Cups and Competitions, Be the Best !




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