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JP Games Factory presents Lumix Screen this is an app and Not a GAME. A New Version With Less ADS And More Features !!


This app lets you illuminate the device screen of a specific color.

It is possible to create Choreographies by alongside small groups of devices with the installed app.

Choosing the color allows you to make different combinations.

The "Mind of the Choreographer" will know how to guide his groups wisely.

Or you can use this application for photo studio or ambient lighting.

Use it for your dancing choreographies in your favorite clubs.


Illumination can take place in several ways:


- Static Illumination: Single Color chosen from the available ones


- Dynamic Lighting: Transition between two Colors selected from the available ones.

  The app will try to sync the transition to all devices.


- "I'm Here" mode to get you out of your friends when you are in the crowd, preset message and you can choose the color background.


- "My Text" mode you can enter a custom message that scrolls on the screen and choose the background color.


- Golden Effect Lighting (Automatic)


New Additional Features:


- Swap Color Mode, choose 4 colors and change from one color to another with a simple swipe in one of the 4 available directions


- Increase Color Range, Choose from all RGB graded colors using the new precision slider, or choose a color from the quick list.


- You can change the Text color for "I'm Here" and "My Text" mode by choosing from 8 available colors


- You can change the text scroll speed for "My Text" mode


- You can adjust the transition speed between the two colors in "Transition"


- Graphic Restyling


- Improved App Navigation



Use this app for:


- Lighting for photographic studio

- Illuminate different areas of a room

- Choreographies at the Stadium

- Choreographies for shows

- Dance choreographies with a group of friends

- Illuminate the dark when you're in Musical Concerts


The app is compatible with iPhone 4 or above, and iPad or higher




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