• GRAVITATIONAL HOLE is available on app store

    A revised 360-degree space arcade, gain control of the space platform, check out the flaming comets, eliminates the planets and not lose your comets into the black hole.


    Graphics and Soundtrack of High Quality


    Play 2 modes:


    - Single level with random generation of the match.

    - Arcade: Play and unlock 3 game worlds (over 25 levels)


  • lumix screen

    A New Version With Less ADS And More Features !!


    New Additional Features:

    - Swap Color Mode, choose 4 colors and change from one color to another with a simple swipe in one of the 4 available directions

    - Increase Color Range, Choose from all RGB graded colors using the new precision slider, or choose a color from the quick list.

    - You can change the Text color for "I'm Here" and "My Text" mode by choosing from 8 available colors

    - You can change the text scroll speed for "My Text" mode

    - You can adjust the transition speed between the two colors in "Transition"

    - Graphic Restyling

    - Improved App Navigation


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